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A Medical Fund was established for Jophie over 5 years ago due to the constant need for medical supplies, medical equipment, and medications uncovered by his medical insurance. The fund was established in such a way that any dollar amount could be donated however, as an incentive we began offering the "Loving Jophie" wristbands for a $5.00 donation. For each $5.00 donation you will receive one "Loving Jophie" wristband. The wristbands are all size medium and are a sky blue/white swirl. The colors were chosen specifically for Jophie as we feel they represent him so clearly. White for his childlike innocence and his pure heart and sky blue for that beautiful smile and happy disposition he is so well known for.

To purchase a "Loving Jophie" bracelet or to make a donation less than $5.00 just click the donation button and enter the amount you would like to give. You do not have to be a paypal member to donate. In the event you are not, information will be provided giving you the option to use your credit or debit card. If you are given the option please choose the "personal tab" and then choose "GIFT" which will allow ALL your funds to be given directly to Jophie with NO deduction of paypal fees AT ALL. All transactions are handled securely through Paypal which means all private information is protected by Paypal.

If you have any questions at all please direct them to myself or our dear family friend Tammy Payne affectionately knowns as "Aunt Tammy" who helps maintain this medical fund. You may contact her us at or

Your donations are such a blessing to this family and are appreciated more than words could ever say. Jophies family would also like to thank all the prayer warriors for their faithfullness as they continue to approach the throne on his behalf.