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A Medical Fund was established for Jophie over a year ago due to the constant need for medical supplies, medical equipment, and medications uncovered by his medical insurance. The fund was established in such a way that any dollar amount could be donated however, as an incentive we are now offering adorable "Beanoggins" lovingly created by Jophies mommy! We ask that a $25.00 donation be made for each "Beanoggin" you order which includes shipping. The Pink Puppy "Beanoggin" is a sample of what we are currently offering. This style can also be made in blue for the little boys. I will be adding sample pictures of other designs as they become available.

To purchase a "Beanoggin" just click the donation button and enter the required amount. Jophies mommy will then contact you for the details on sizing and such. You do not have to be a paypal member to donate. In the event you are not, information will be provided giving you the option to use your credit or debit card. All transactions are handled securely through Paypal which means all private information is protected by Paypal.

Caring for a medically fragile child is very time consuming allowing Jophies mommy to work on these only as time permits. For this reason we are asking you to give us a 2 week turnaround to make your "Beanoggin". If for some reason we become backed up with orders OR Jophie goes "in hospital" we reserve the right to extend and/or put a "HOLD" on the production. Those who have made purchases will be contacted at that time. Thank you for understanding. If you have any further questions at all please direct them to Jophies Aunt Tammy(A dear family friend) who maintains this medical fund. Make sure you put "Beanoggins" in your subject as we get many emails and wouldn't want to miss your question. You may contact her at

One more thing worthy of noting. Jophies mommys heart has been and always will be with the children at St. Jude. Currently she is working directly with a "contact person" who deals directly with the children on an almost daily basis. We would like you to know that for every 4 "Beanoggins" purchased to help Jophie she will then turn around and make "ONE Beanoggin" to donate to a child currently going through treatment at St. Jude. This child will be chosen by her "contact" since she works very closely with the children and knows where the greater needs are. Lastly, we'd like to say that your donations are such a blessing to Jophies family and are appreciated more than words could ever say. His family would also like to thank all the prayer warriors for their faithfullness as they continue to approach the throne in Jophies behalf.